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1971 Born in Auckland New Zealand
1986 Worked as a slip-caster at Halls Industries ,Auckland.
1988 Studied at Carrington polytech, ,craft and design course.
1989 Moved to Sydney .
Studied at East Sydney tech.Ceramic School discovered Momoyama pots.
1993 Worked at  Sturt Craft Center ,Mittagong .NSW ,Australia.
Built and fired Anagama self study ,Shino period.
1995 Visited Japan to further self study ,visited two potters working in the Mino style,influenced by Kizeto and Oribe
1997 Rented studio in Mashiko.Oribe Kizeto period.
Also starts work in porcelain.
Builds and fires Anagama with friend
2006 Permanent Kiln and studio,Mashiko
God inc

Nietzsche said that god is dead.
One must invent a new god in the making of things .
One creates a new world.
One becomes a god.
A creator thus god inc.
Aaron Scythe
In the Momoya period
In pottery work
One can see a Hip Hop theory
Take this from there
Use it in a different media
Borrow pots from different contries
Mix again plus ones own hands ,ones own feelngs
A new form of expression
A mixing desk
On the wheel
I am doing the same thing
My feelings into a modern form a dedication to Momoya feeling
Drinking can beer
Spinning the weel
Round and round
Watching telivision

Aaron Scythe
Having thought in Aaron's studio
In the coner of his Studio, I  found several clay encrusted  Books I have not seen in other workshops.
Philosopher Friedrich  Nietzsche 's books - [ God is dead I teach you the urbermench] -
His works proclaimed  "NONSENSE ! " against the major Ideology of European Culture up to 19C.
Throughout those clay encrusted Books, I  found Aaron 's handwritten notes, underlines, figures, poems and so on.
Also some rough Sketches of his works ' motifs.
Most of his works do not conform to the norm
That is to say : mobile phone, old car tire, car, antenna, bomb, display etc.
"Why do you make such things ? " - " NOW ! " " MOMOYAMA-period  is just waiting to be reinvented " now "isn 't it ? " answered  Aaron.
Nanban-Bunka (i.e. Foreign Western Culture), Basara , etc.
If we would like to express now the breath of MOMOYAMA-perid , Aaron 's motif seems gentle and natural.
The breath of MOMOYAMA-period   vs Nietzsche, Wildness vs Existense, his Life Inquriy vs his Agonies....
Wandering about spiritually, he reinvented  himself as 'GOD-INC'.
This young person from New Zealand is grinding away at the stone he  calls beauty,a slow grind at some times as he said in his mashiko studio,yet still in the process to rediffine momoyama pots.
There 's an incomprehensible and mysterious atmosphere in his Studio.........
  Manager of Trad Meister Club